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Handel's Israel in Egypt

Sat 2nd July - 7.30pm
St John the Evangelist Church, DE1 3HZ


Join us for our exciting season finale where we'll be performing an abridges version of Handel's sacred oratorio: Israel in Egypt. The work features virtuosic double choruses showcasing some of Handel’s most colourful music.


This rarely performed piece tells the Old testament story of the plagues of Egypt which God sent to help Moses persuade the King to ‘Let his people go’. You will hear about rivers of blood, plagues of frogs, flies, lice, locusts, hailstorms, and the final horror of the Death of the Firstborn. In the second part, we hear the story of the Israelites flight, and how the Red Sea divides to allow their passage. The piece ends with the triumphant song to the glory of the Lord, and how ‘He has thrown the horse and his rider into the sea’.


Handel writes for each chorus with power and imagination, producing music that at times, buzzes and fizzes along with the action. Don't miss out on our showcase of some of Handel's most colourful music!



Gillian von Fragstein, soprano

Andrea McGregor, alto

James Gallimore, tenor

Tom Corfield, organ


Tickets (including light refreshments): £12 , £5 students/unwaged

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