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Voice Workshop - 19 October 2019

"Making the Most of your Singing Voice"

This informative and enjoyable day was led by experts:

  • Ellie Martin, Repton School Head of Singing, and Choral Animateur

  • Richard Roddis, Choral Director

  • Kate Young, Clinical Lead Speech and Language Therapist, Royal Derby Hospital

  • Gillian Von Fragstein, Senior Physiotherapist at RDH

Workshop TK.jpg

An all-inclusive, multi-disciplinary approach to singing technique

"The total person sings, not just the vocal chords." (Esther Broner)

Tone - how to make a more beautiful sound with your voice

Breathing - how important is breath control

Range - how to make those top notes sweeter - and the bottom ones richer

Posture - how to avoid tension in rehearsal and concert

Longevity - how to make your voice last into mature age

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Resources and links:

Choir singing improves health and happiness - Jaques Launay

Does singing make you happy? Julia Layton

6 psychological and physical benefits of choral singing - Jordan Smith

Effects of choir on wellbeing for those with chronic pain - Hopper, Curtis, Hodge, Simm

Music therapy and dementia - van der Steen et al

Collegiate choral singing - perceived benefits - Tanxiong Wang et al

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