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Our History.

Over the last sixty years the choir has performed a wide variety of classical music, but has also ventured into little operettas such as Gilbert and Sullivan. However, the choir remains true to its name - Bach is regularly on the programme. The choir began as the Phoenix Choir, and remains optimistic about the future of choral singing in these times, through thick and thin, on Zoom and social media - but now back singing live again!


Derby Bach Choir today.

Derby Bach Choir is made up of around 90 singers from across the Midlands and from all walks of life and age groups. It is renowned in the East Midlands as a leading amateur group performing a wide range of classical music in and around the city of Derby. Using top professional orchestras and soloists, Derby Bach Choir's concerts attract large audiences.


Conductor - Richard Roddis

Having led the choir since 1999, RIchard's talent as a choral conductor is complemented by the fact that he is a professional soloist and regularly performs across the East Midlands. Working with the choir, Richard has conducted a wide repertiore of music to great acclaim, including his own work, Lauda Creatoris, performed by the choir in our 50th season.


Patron - Helen Viscountess Scarsdale 

Viscountess Scarsdale is a long time fan and supporter of Derby Bach Choir. Her ancestral home is Kedleston Hall, now open to the public thanks to the National Trust. The choir performs at Kedleston Hall and other National Trust premises in Derbyshire every Christmas.


President - Catherine Wyn-Rogers

Catherine Wyn-Rogers is Derby Bach Choir's ambassador on the arts scene. Catherine is an internationally celebrated soloist appearing at the BBC Proms and the Royal Opera House.

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Your copy of David Osborne's Book Sixty Years in Harmony. The Story of the Derby Bach Choir is available now for only £10 - please contact the  Choir Secretary  for details, or a member of the choir.

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